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"Pirate Tales"

A roving mobile oyster bar featuring salty treasures from Louisiana and the surrounding coastal waters. The perfect addition to your party, event or wedding. 


Folklore has it that in old age, Privateer Jean Lafitte was no longer satisfied by bottles of rum and pirate life. He longed for greater fulfillment and a healthier lifestyle. On the day after his last rum, he harvested and began shucking day-fresh Gulf of Mexico oysters for his fellow Buccaneers to slurp down. The salty crew showered Privateer Lafitte in gold and silver for his efforts and Lafitte's Oyster Catering was born... Eat it raw or walk the plank! 


Our home port is New Orleans, Louisiana and we are excited to join you on your special day. Tradition has it that an oyster bar is a social gathering place where fish tales are told, plunders are sold and young love grows old. Our aim is to offer this historic ritual as a part of your story.


Our nautical themed oyster bar will be the highlight of your event. Our staff will arrive and set up promptly, provide friendly and fast service, and keep shuckin’ until the last bi-valve is gone! Our freshly shucked oysters are served ice cold and we provide all the necessary accoutrements for the ultimate oyster enjoyment. We also offer galley service and provide flame-fired oysters drowned in garlic butter and imported cheeses, served with charred French bread. So, arrrghhh you ready to set sail?


Our pricing and suggested serving portion is based upon years of expertise in navigating events and crowd flow. We serve the freshest Gulf of Mexico oysters that arrive at the docks, from St. Bernard, Plaquemines + Jefferson Parish, the safe haven of Jean Lafitte for many years. Special coastal varieties available upon request from local smugglers: Capt. Rallo's Reef Candy, Murder Points, Blue Points, Wellfleets, and Mon Louis to name a few.

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Two Sacks - Up to 30 guests

200 Shucked Gulf Oysters -$850


Three Sacks - 30-50 guests

300 Shucked Gulf Oysters -$1125


Four Sacks- 50-75 guests   

400 Shucked Gulf Oysters -$1500 


Five Sacks - 75-125 guests

500 Shucked Gulf Oysters -$1750


Six Sacks - 125-150 guests

600 Shucked Gulf Oysters -$2000

*Parties larger than 150 guests

are no problem! Please reach out

for custom pricing!


All pricing includes tax and gratuity. Please add 15% for chargrilled setup.











Add on items available

(*pricing per guest):


*Chilled Colossal Gulf of Mexico

Shrimp + Cocktail Sauce

- ¼ lb. - $5 


*Chilled Alaskan Snow Crab 

- ¼ lb. - $MP


*Chilled Alaskan King Crab

- ¼ lb. -$MP


*Chilled Shrimp Remoulade Salad - $5


*Marinated Crab Claws - $5


*Caviar Varietals - $MP


Extra Gulf Oyster Sack - $250


Specialty Oyster Varietal Upgrade -

$50 per sack





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